Meet Dinneen Grably

I’ll help you create the best version of you


Dinneen Grably is a public speaking coach and communications skills trainer with over 20 years of experience in the field of communication. She is known for bringing out the best in each person she works with, enhancing their impact as communicators and as leaders.

She blends her authentic, passionate, and energetic style with her background in the corporate world, along with wide-ranging international experience and an MBA to deliver transformative results. She is uniquely prepared to transform your group’s ability to communicate persuasively, professionally, and effectively – to nurture relationships, grow business, and increase the bottom line.

She works with executives, CEO’s, scientists and engineers, and thought leaders from a diverse range of industries and Fortune 500 companies.

Dinneen literally began her career front of a microphone as Press Assistant – and later Assistant Director of Communications – for the Massachusetts Secretary of State, where she spoke with the media on a daily basis. She was awarded Press Person of the Year by the State House Press Association, the youngest person to receive the honor.

After several years in the State House, Dinneen made the move to the corporate world, progressing up the ladder at several multi-nationals, eventually leading a large executive team.

A graduate of the prestigious Grenoble École de Management, Dinneen spent five years living and working in France. She has worked in other international settings as well, developing a unique global viewpoint – and the ability to provide thorough cross-cultural communication training at a number of well-known multi-nationals.

As a visiting lecturer (and alumna) at Bridgewater State University near Boston, Dinneen has been lucky enough to be able to share her wisdom with the next generation. She has also had the honor of lecturing at the Grenoble École de Management and the Université Stendhal during her time in France.

When she’s not guiding people to be the best speakers they can be, Dinneen can be found volunteering for local animal rescues and shelters, following her calling as an animal advocate.

Among the organizations Dinneen has helped are Biogen, Harvard University, New England Sports Network, Raytheon, Pegasystems, Hammond Real Estate, Northeastern University, and The Ritz Carlton. She has also worked with several TEDx speakers.