You need to communicate better. I can help.


Created Just For You

It can be overwhelming to try to make sense of all the advice and trainings that exist “out there” these days. From Internet videos and posts to generic business-improvement seminars, the amount of cookie-cutter information is like an avalanche.

That’s where I come in.

My trainings are always authentic, engaging, and customized.

I help you choose the coaching and training methods that work best for your situation: individual coaching, group training, private classes, seminars, or a combination. We’ll work together to determine your needs, the scope of the sessions, and the most appropriate subject areas to cover.

You also choose the location that works best for you. I am in Metropolitan Boston, but I can come to you anywhere in the world. And, of course, if you need training for your entire organization in multiple locations, my network of training professionals is available to you – again, completely customized, and anywhere in the world.

I'm authentic, engaging, and customized



I give honest advice and feedback. What you see is what you get. I also coach my clients to be authentic. I don’t want them to speak like Steve Jobs or Barak Obama or anyone else. Instead, I want them to be a better version of themselves.


I engage and include everyone in the conversation. I ensure that participants are at ease and that the material is practical. These are the keys to being a great facilitator, so they are the keys to my approach. Not just dry theory or impersonal delivery with me, I’m all about access to tools and techniques people can get excited about and utilize right away.


I’m highly versatile as a coach. Nothing is off-the-shelf, but instead fully customized to fit your needs. Whether it’s 1:1 coaching, a workshop, or a large-group training, I make sure it‘s a match for your company.

All Clients, No Matter How Big (or Small)

While I’m a one-woman show, I’m not just a one-woman show. I have a network of speech professionals I can call upon to meet your needs. My network is part of the way I keep my trainings authentic, engaging, and customized for all my clients. Whether you require a particular specialist or your company has staff around the world, I can accommodate your needs.